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  • Avocado agro pic €7
    Sicilian avocado, sliced and topped with squeezed fresh orange and ginger
  • Tofu scallops €7
    Baked tofu with soy sauce and ginger, topped with sesame seeds
  • Crudité Japan €7
    Carrots, fennel, celery served with hand made mayonnaise (eggs, sunflower oil, lemon) and miso (fermented soy)
  • Handmade Humus €6
    Chickpea and tahin sauce with herbs, served with crispy bread
  • Stracciatella €7
    Sicilian stracciatella (from buffalo milk), served with olive oil and herbs

Vegan Salads

Organic ingredients only. Seasoned with lemon, salt, olive oil, herbs.

  • Sayonara €6
    Lettuce, tomato, carrots, smoked tofu
  • Rarigghia €7
    Lettuce, tomato, carrots, seitan
  • Banzai €5
    Lettuce, tomato, carrots, tofu
  • Amazzonia €7
    Lettuce, tomato, almond, cashew, pecan
  • Autumn €7
    Lettuce, carrots, apples, nuts
  • Brasil €7
    Lettuce, tomato, carrots, Sicilian avocado

Gourmet Salads

Organic ingredients only. Seasoned with lemon, salt, olive oil, herbs.

  • Verità €9
    Lettuce, tomato, carrots, mozzarella from Sicilian buffalo’s milk
  • Salmon €14
    Lettuce, tomato, carrots, wild smoked salmon
  • Ruota €9
    Lettuce, tomato, carrots, sliced roast turkey
  • Burrata €9
    Lettuce, tomato, carrots, burrata from Campania
  • Marina €9
    Lettuce, tomato, carrots, steam cooked tuna fillet


Dish of the day €6,50

Examples (depends on the day):
Basmati rice with vegetables
Chickpea soup
Lentils with vegetables
Quinoa with vegetables
Soy chunks stew
(Ask the staff for details)

Spring rolls €9
4 veggie spring rolls, served with salad

Filling: cabbage tofu, pineapple, carrots, almonds, mung sprouts, raisins, potato flakes, herbs; skin: spelt flour, sunflower oil)

Tofu & veggie balls €9
7 delicious veggie balls, served with salad

Filling: pepper, tomato, onion, brown rice, tofu, breadcrumbs, spelt flakes, sunflower seeds, corn flour, salt, olive oil, herbs

Eastern style Falafel €9
8 soft falafel served with salad

(carrots, zucchini, hokkaido pumpkin), chickpea flour, water, wholegrain rice, wheat cous cous, sesame, almonds, potato flakes, salt, sunflower oil, herbs (contains mustard), raisins.


Vegan cake – lemon & ginger €4
Wheat flour (maiorca, durum), soy drink, potato, starch, sodium bicarbonate,
brown sugar, lemon, ginger

Chocolate cake €4
Dark chocolate, eggs, butter, brown sugar. No wheat flour!

Fruits €4

Ask the staff for special options!


Organic bottled beer

  • Classic export 33cl – larger (4,9%) €4,00
  • Helles 50cl – larger (4,8%) €4,50
  • Weizen 50cl – Bavarian Weiss beer (5,2%) €4,50
  • HELL gluten free 33cl (4,7%) €4,00
  • Apple cider 50cl (5%) €4,50
  • Pils Ca’Barley 33cl (6%) €4,50
  • Fred, red Ca’Barley 33cl (6%) €5,00
  • Brigà 33cl (coriander, orange 5,3%) €4,50
  • Kinisia 33cl (made in Palermo; 5,5%) €5,00

Organic wine

  • Glass €3,50
    Winemaker: Tamburello.

    Nero d’Avola (full bodied, dry)
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Perricone (esoteric, robust red)

    Chardonnay (lean, minerally dry)
    Inzolia (dry, table wine)

  • Bottle €10,00
    Winemaker: Vitese

    Zibibbo (on the sweet side)
    Lucido (Grillo, crisp and savoury)

    Cabernet Sauvignon (mellow and mild, hearty and rich)
    Nero d’Avola (full-bodied, fruit-driven)

  • Bottle €8,00
    Winemaker: Paolini

    White: Grillo (crisp and savoury)
    Red: Nero d’Avola
    (full-bodied, fruit-driven)

  • Prosecco Treviso Pizzolato €10,00

Non-Alcoholic drinks

  • Small Water 50cl €1,00
  • Large Water (Natural or Sparkling) 1L €2,00
  • Pomegranate juice 100% €4
  • Kombucha lime & ginger €3,50
  • Smoothie €4,00
    Cucumber, celery, carrot, ginger
    Grapes, ginger
    Apple, lemon, ginger
    Your pick! Just ask what organic fruit & veg you want (availability changes
    with seasons. Ask the staff!)
  • Açaì €5,00
    Açaì, yogurt, banana, oat granola with coconut, red fruits
  • Sparkling organic €2,00
    Orange / Lemonade / Chinotto

  • Cold tea (no sugar added) €2,00
    Peach / Mint / Lemon

  • Long coffee Tanzania €1,50
  • Espresso Coffee €1,20
  • Hot Chicory €1,50

  • Hot Tea €2,50
    Sencha / Bancha / Jasmin / Red fruit herbal (no tea)