Welcome to Ecologica!

We are Gill De Gregorio and Marco Salemi, two long-time friends, in business since 2014.
We sincerely welcome you: here at Ecologica you can feel at home. It’s not a figure of speech, hospitality and inclusion are among the founding values of our business. Those who choose Ecologica choose sustainability, the hearty flavours of the past in modern recipes, and authentic life. We are authentic, and so are our customers.
Gill De Gregorio e Marco Salemi

Featured dishes


Vegetarian lasagna

Go veg with a soy-based bolognaise & rice besciamelle!


Scrambled eggs & wild salmon

Served with a delicious salad, it’s a protein feast



A zesful and reamy drink served with more berries & granola & veg drink. Milk option available



When tomatoes turn gourmet with the finest olive oil, oregano and mozzarella


Granola & yogurt & fruit

Toasted oat flakes with coconut flour give that yogurt an entangling aroma


Chocolate cake (small/regular)

A paradise-level chocolate cake, without flour – a soft mix of eggs, butter & chocolate


Dish of the day

It changes every day! Ask the staff for the details. Rice or quinoa with cooked veggies or legumes

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Everything you eat at Ecologica is made with the cleanest ingredients possible. Precisely for this reason the recipes include few ingredients, avoiding processed foods: this way you can be sure that eating at Ecologica is not only delicious, but is good for you.
Our exceptional team

A unique gastronomic experience

For years, every day we have presented a different dish of the day, with vegetables and legumes appropriate for each season. Our most representative dish is therefore plant-based, gluten free and always accompanied by rice or quinoa of your choice.
We have selected a truly exceptional team of talented people who prepare the dishes and pamper you to make your dining experience different from any other place in Palermo, and why not? In the whole world!

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A unique gastronomic experience
A culinary journey without labels

Vegetarian delicacies from Sicily

Our menu is based on organic and mostly vegetable ingredients, with a strong preference for Sicilian products whenever available. We would like to point out that the cuisine we present is essentially oriented towards satisfying every customer: we believe that labels such as vegan or gluten-free serve to outline food characteristics, but that the real mission of our bistro is to delight the most avid carnivores with our dishes based on vegetables and legumes!

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Vegetarian delicacies from Sicily

Journey through the world of Ecologica

Ecologica first opened as a shop for organic products. Our choice comes from a simple observation of the world around us. Climate change, global health problems and last but not least, the increasingly less tasty ingredients that the market offers every day are the obvious consequence of the exploitation of the earth. Over the years, we have seen how the price we pay to feed ourselves is not limited to the money we directly spend on the products: pollution, pesticides and diseases are actually a hidden cost behind price tags, which ultimately everyone has to pay.

Journey through the world of Ecologica
Good energy

Quality breakfast

We exclude saturated fats. At Ecologica, breakfast is truly the most nutritious meal: cereals, fruit, plant-based yogurt, porridge, granola… everything in our book is really good for you!

Quality breakfast
Not just any coffee

Specialty coffee, the experience

One of the most beloved drinks in the world is also one of those that does not find the prominent place it deserves in almost all cafès, who choose profit and low quality. At Ecologica we serve specialty coffee, blends selected to make the difference between a coffee and… THE coffee. There are also numerous options for your cappuccino, in addition to organic cow’s milk, such as oat, coconut, almond, soy, millet and our exquisite secret plant-based mix!

Specialty coffee, the experience

Organic and unique grocery

Organic farming excludes chemical products from the supply chain, but there’s more: the people who grow organic plants have the interests of the earth and humanity at heart, they respect annual rotations, they regenerate the landscape. The fruits of this commitment can only be delicious: sometimes with singular shapes, but precisely for this reason, more incline to be loved.

Organic and unique grocery
Lovely atmosphere and excellent service

Ecologica for business brunch

You can’t go wrong for your business brunch: you certainly want to make a good impression in a peaceful, clean environment where the service is excellent and fast. All of this, obviously, must not be second to the quality of the dishes and drinks! Our elegant terracotta tables with island decorations are ideal for welcoming loving couples, families, and why not? Solo travelers who take the time to appreciate the good things in life.

Ecologica for business brunch
Feast for the palate

Not “just” a salad

Salads at Ecologica are a feast for the palate. Often even those who don’t usually consider salads a delicious dish end up asking for an encore and for the recipe for our dressing!
Which is actually very simple: Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, lemon, salt and seasonal herbs. The secret is to season at the moment and choose the highest quality ingredients.


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Our customers say


Great food spot with lots of vegan options if that’s your thing. Very friendly service. Nice little spot to stop for a bit and a glass of vino. Very friendly service 🙂

Pete Greenburg

Absolutely wonderful. We ate here twice and did some shopping in the store. I’ve been traveling full-time for over two years, and this could be my favorite restaurant.

Jon Hartbar

We absolutely loved this place! Whether you’re vegan or not it’s an amazing little café and grocery store in a great neighborhood.

Skully Pleasant

A nice little shop and restaurant away from the busy streets and located in a peaceful area. The service was beyond good, and all of the staff was so nice, always making sure you’re satisfied. The vegan food we ordered was delicious, especially the pastry filled with veggies. I would absolutely go here again. 🙂

Chiara Valguarnera

Delicious lunch, with courses at the same time very tasty and light. Very friendly and kind staff. Fresh air flows outside, therefore excellent even in summer. I will definitely be back!

Valeria Sclafani

How to feel like at at home!
Great welcome, it’s always a pleasure to spend time at Ecologica, from shopping to stopping for a glass and even better to be pampered with their dishes!
Highly recommended!

Martina C.

Now I can’t help but have lunch here! Tasty, healthy and plentiful food! Excellent prices for excellent quality. The staff is welcoming and kind, always available.


Amazing venue in Palermo. Varied and tasty offer, friendly and courteous service, very tasty vegan dishes, honest prices, very convenient location, quality vegetables and products. Thank you!

Carla Raso

The food is really delicious (despite me being a meat lover), the staff is friendly and super helpful.

Valentina Bucchieri

In a characteristic and relaxing environment, the guys at Ecologica always welcome me and my dog with helpfulness, kindness and joy. Spending time with them, for shopping or an aperitif, is always pleasant and fun.
The products, for consumption and for sale, are excellent.
My thanks to all of them!

Arianna Zoni

A pleasant discovery. Tasty, quality food. Smiling and friendly service. I will definitely come here again for a fresh and relaxing lunch.


For info and reservations

Piazza Fonderia, 12 – 90133 Palermo
P.IVA 06314050821
Phone: +39 091.7910197
Whatsapp: +390915558312


Opening times and days

Monday to Saurday
Our shop is open for your shopping from 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Kitchen closes at 03:00 PM
Sunday, for your shopping, breakfast to lunch from 09:00 AM to 03:00 PM